Multifunction controller
Each heater is equipped with a controller type at delivery - you decide which one. Take advantage of two control options with just one controller. Whether manual temperature control, setting up a schedule directly on the device or the smart heating control via app, FlexiSmart offers the right option for every user.


  1. Display controller directly on the device
  2. Manual temperature control through the display
  3. Control each electric heater separately
  4. Setting an efficient timetable
  5. Smart controllable by app as option

Experience the benefits of FlexiSmart

Manual control

In our FlexiSmart controller type the display is directly located on the heater. On delivery manual control is active. The desired temperature is controlled by the arrow keys. When it is reached, the heating switches off automatically.


Create a hang plan on the device

An integrated programmable digital thermostat allows convenient and efficient control of your storage heater without installation effort.

For each day of the week, set a desired comfort temperature, night lowering temperature or frost protection. Doing so, you can individually adjust the heating on and off times to suit your personal daily routine and enjoy heating comfort of a special kind.



The built in thermostat can be extended with a Domotic interface, which can be paired to the router. In addition, it is possible to take control via smartphone and tablet PC with the help of a free app. The controller is suitable for all living spaces, holiday homes, offices, storage areas, production rooms and much more.