Aeroflow Electric Radiators

The manufacturing and final - set and constantly tested - through our quality management guarantees a quality of workmanship which makes us possible to give you 15-year warranty or 30-year warranty with an additional cost. The core of our Aeroflot surface storage heater is the specially developed internal firebrick. This contains the heat conductors. Unlike conventional electric heaters, therefore, it is not the steel casing that is heated but rather the stone. The heat is transferred directly into the room through the slats over it. At the same time, the warm storage stone absorbs cold air from below, heats it and releases it back into the room at the top - so-called convection heat. When the desired room temperature, that you enter on the thermostat, is reached, the radiator turns off and the firebrick continues to give off heat without consuming electricity.

Our AeroFlow® - Electric Heater

The newly developed production procedure for the AeroFlow heating system has enabled us to optimise the transfer of heat to the panels and to substantially increase the efficiency of our panel storage heaters.

Aeroflow Technical Information

The heart of the Aeroflow German radiator is a refractory block combining a unique storage material with modern design and technology into one highly efficient heating unit.

The heat is transferred within minutes from the internal blocks to the specially designed flutes, which radiate heat and start the convection process.This provides an optimum of radiated, convected and stored heat to provide all round warmth.

There are no fluids within the radiator, so it can be guaranteed that there will never be any leaks. Supplied as standard in white ( RAL 9010 ) but available in any color you may want, just let us know the RAL color required.

Aeroflow Electric Radiators

High degree of safety thanks to independent certification

Only the highest quality products are selected and used in the production of a Thermotec panel storage heater. Thanks to technical safety systems such as the deactivation of specific areas in the event of overheating, fire safe cables, insulated steel-nickel plug contacts, strain relief for connection cables and much more, Thermotec panel storage heaters not only ensure heat, they also ensure safety in your home.

Our Aeroflow electric heater deliver the heat exactly where you need it. For this we use a specially developed heating and control system as well as specially developed fireclay bricks. These store the heat very well and keep the temperature of the electric heater constant for a long time, without having to reheat. And our heating system transfers the heat from the fireclay bricks efficiently to the housing with flow-optimized fins. The result: rapid heating, less dust and uniformly pleasant room temperatures.

Aeroflow Electric Radiators

The advantages of Thermotec

  • Efficient heat
  • Energy Saving
  • Quality Heating
  • Short pre-heating times
  • Affordable acquisition costs
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fully controllable
  • No fuel storage required
  • 2 cm thick fireclay storage core
  • No smells
  • No exhaust gases
  • Simple installation
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Combination of convection 75%, radiation 25% and storage capacity
  • Available wall mounted or free standing
  • 15 to 30 Year guarantee ( 2 years guarantee on the thermostats )
  • High Performance
  • Absolutely no servicing costs
  • Long lifespan ensured by quality materials and excellent construction
  • Can be combined with PV system
  • Made in germany
Aeroflow Electric Radiators