Drink Pure

Great water is what we do – Strauss water is ultra pure, crisp and tastes great. Rediscover the real taste of tea and coffee – a Tana Unit not only purifies your chilled drinking water but also removes chlorine and other impurities from your boiling water for great tasting tea, coffee, or other hot drinks. In addition to our active carbon filter process, we use a UV lamp which purifies and protects your water after the chlorine has been filtered out.

We hold numerous quality assurance standards including the NSF, Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal for drinking water standards, the British WRAS Standard, the European Union Standard (CE), the Service Quality Standard (ISO 9000), and the ROHS Environmental Quality Standard.


Water purification system

The Practical Choice for Families of all Sizes



6 month long-lasting filter only needs to be changed twice a year. A de-scaling capsule could be sent to you every 6 or 12 months with your filter according to the scale level in your region

We use an active carbon filter (0.6 micron) and an additional 2 micron scale filter for results you can taste.

Filters catch even the tiniest particles like dirt, rust and other contaminants – right down to.

The active carbon filter removes 99.9% of chlorine, eliminates organic matter and other contaminants

All the essential minerals which are needed for the human body, like magnesium and calcium, are kept in your water


UV Purification

12 month long-lasting UV lamp only needs to be changed once a year

Our UV lamp eliminate 99.99% of water- borne bacteria and viruses.

This filtration is highly effective, without producing dangerous by products and without causing any chemical changes.