The so-called “hybrid model” (splitting the week into remote days, working from home, and office days) has undeniably gained ground over the last three years. 

While well-known and used years before the pandemic broke out, the outburst of the Covid crisis forced businesses and firms to adopt the hybrid model at an unprecedented level. Now, however, that the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, several companies and employees wonder if the hybrid model is the best way to ensure optimal productivity. 

In this article, we present several practical and, most importantly, proven ways to remain productive while working within a hybrid model. 

Prioritise your Tasks  

Productivity’s greatest foe is procrastination and failure to deliver on time. Minimise that risk by prioritising your tasks both on a daily and weekly basis. 

Simply put, list and schedule tasks for each day not just based on their importance and urgency but also on whether you will be working remotely or not. Do not waste your time at the office with things that can be easily done from home. 

For example, asynchronous communication (i. e. not in real time, via emails, for instance) is best suited for remote days, whereas synchronous one (like meetings) is much more productive while in the office.

Increase Communication with Colleagues  

Remote working can impact communication with your colleagues, mainly because, on remote days, we schedule tasks that do not require a lot of interaction. 

Still, lack of communication can be easily remedied when we put our minds to it.  

On remote days, include communication with your colleagues in your to-do list. Whenever possible, make a conscious effort to increase it, nurturing your relationship with them. 

Express personal interest in things they have shared with you on a personal level (e.g. “is your mom better?”) and offer assistance whenever your schedule allows it. 

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Be Flexible  

Flexibility is the essence of the hybrid model – but it’ll get you nowhere if you don’t pair it with reliability. 

Learn to adapt to changing circumstances based on the type of tasks on your list and weigh your time and energy levels cautiously before undertaking an unscheduled task. 

Track and Analyse 

Sometimes, we think we know which tasks are better done remotely and which aren’t, but the results may prove us wrong. 

It is essential to track our progress and verify whether specific work is more productive on remote days. Base your conclusions on measurable data; how many clients did I talk to, how many accounts have I closed, how many entries have I concluded? 

Assess the quality of your communication too. Have you noticed that certain issues are best discussed up close? Are misunderstandings more frequent on remote days? Adapt the following week’s schedule to your conclusions and check again if things are getting better or not.  

Create a Suitable Working Environment  

Maintaining focus is the key to productivity in any kind of workplace. So, you must make sure that your working environment helps you remain focused on your tasks. 

Remove any type of equipment, gadget or gear that has nothing or little to do with your work and can cause distractions. Keep on your desk only what’s necessary for your work.  

Productivity Comes from Within  

Eliminating distractions is one thing. Creating a cosy working environment that promotes high performance is another -and they are both equally essential.

Breathing good quality air, for example, is not a luxury in your workspace; it’s a must-have. 

Create your personal clean air zone with IQAir Atem Desk. Compact, portable, featuring Air Guidance Technology and HyperHEPA filtration technology, IQAir Atem can be synced with your mobile device and be easily controlled without interrupting your work. 

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Several studies have stressed how important hydration is for mental and physical performance. 

MyEqua Smart bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel and has double wall insulation, capable of keeping your water cold for 24h and your tea or favourite hot beverage for 12h.

The best part? It can connect to your mobile device, assess your hydration needs and remind you when it’s best to drink water, thus keeping you well hydrated no matter how busy each day may be. 

Of course, having a bottle is not enough! You also need crisp, crystal-clear water, like the one offered by Strauss Water Filtration Appliance

Triple-filtered water, delivered instantly, at the touch of a button, in programmable (cold, room temperature, boiling hot), free from chlorine and pathogens but with all the healthy essential minerals - for instant hydration and rejuvenation in the healthiest way possible.

Lastly, staying healthy and getting the proper nutrients while at work is another way to boost your productivity. Kuvings Juicers, with their Cold-Press technology and upgraded drums, make delicious and nutritious smoothies and juices easier than ever. 

So, whether the hybrid model will work for you depends greatly on how well you handle those remote days and your personal workspace. 

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